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As of this morning, we have a pinch hit someone has picked up the pinch hit.

A Darker Shade of Magic – V. E. Schwab

Kell (ADSM)

I really enjoyed the three (well, four!) Londons resting side by side and how very different each of them were, and I was a little disappointed that we didn't really dwell in each world particularly long to appreciate these differences. So what I'd really like is a story set in one of the Londons with Kell pre-series, doing his travelling, messages and smuggling! thing. Maybe it goes wrong! I mean, I'm about as in interested with Kell being injured and struggling on as apparently VE Schwab is, so canon-appropriate violence and injuries are A+. Basically, what I want is more about the worlds, and more about Kell, prior to his picking up a weird rock and things going very south for him.

Harrison Squared – Darryl Gregory

Harrison Harrison

What I really love about this book (or book and novella, technically, but I'm requesting the younger Harrison!) is the atmosphere, even filtered through Harrison's eyes, and how there are no happy endings. Harrison Squared ended on such a pyrrhic note, and we know from We Are All Completely Fine that it all goes downhill from here for Harrison.
I have a couple of ideas for this one, but by all means use your own too, if you have them!:
1) Harrison goes back to San Diego to get a replacement prosthetic leg and realises that he has been changed too much by Dunnsmouth to go back there permanently.
2) Harrison explores Dunnsmouth to find out what other really weird things the people take as normal. It goes about as well as any Lovecraftian horror does.
3) If you're into crossovers and are familiar with the Laundry series, I feel like Bob or Mo would have an interesting take on the town.

Heartstrikers series – Rachel Aaron

Julius Heartstriker

What I'd really like to see is Julius, in over his head, but refusing to compromise his morals and his desire to try and negotiate his way out rather than simply try and bully his way through (not that that would work given how grossly underpowered he is at the moment) like literally everyone else tells him he should.
Some ideas if you're looking:
1) Julius and Marci's first work as a business, and how well or badly that goes;
2) Justin comes back to Detroit Free Zone, and thinks it would be a great idea to drag Julius into training.
3) Chelsie comes in to check in on them.
Katya's not nominated, but if you were minded to continue her teasing Julius about how naive and sheltered he is, that'd be great too. I'm fine with whoever you have Julius interact with!

Old Kingdom – Garth Nix

Belatiel (Old Kingdom), Mogget (Old Kingdom)

One is a barely trained baby Abhorsen whose knowledge of his role is whatever he could glean by teaching himself. One knew all along that the line of succession for the role of Abhorsen was not at all what everyone thought it was, and found it hilarious. Together they are the worst buddy cop combination ever, in a kingdom that thinks of the Abhorsen as useless at best and a family that never expected Bel to be the Abhorsen in Waiting.
Some ideas:
1) Bel and Mogget go back to Hillfair, where Bel has to deal with his family while also sorting out his role, while Mogget is not at all helpful.
2) Bel's second job as Abhorsen and whether that goes well or quite poorly.
3) The obvious and inevitable confrontation(s) between Tathiel and Belatiel. Mogget clearly "helps". For values of helping.
Pierce Tamora – Works
Alanna of Pirate’s Swoop and Olau, Nealan of Queenscove
I am really, really interested in Alanna and how she deals with her first squire! They're both argumentative, have a fierce temper, don't suffer fools gladly and chances are every time Alanna complained about Neal to her friends, they laughed a lot. So I'd love to read more about these two!
Some ideas:
1) Alanna teaching Neal how to use his Gift and balance it with his duty as a knight;
2) An adventure!
3) Alanna and Neal get involved in one of George's plans.
I am very interested in Alanna hitting Neal up for information about Kel, because of course she would, but I really want the focus to be on the relationship these two have.

Vorkosigan Saga – Lois McMaster Bujold

Lasia Toscane Vorbarra

I'd love to see some more about Laisa, the woman with a doctorate in economics who married the emperor of a society that has currently conquered her world, because she loved the man. That has to be a hell of an awkward position for her to be in and I'd love for her to have her own voice in a story!
Some ideas:
1) What role does Laisa carve out for herself in Barrayar?
2) How does she balance being a Komarran on Barrayar, and does she ever not think of herself as a Komarran?
3) Laisa and Gregor being adorable because COME ON THEY ARE.

Young Wizards – Diane Duane

Darryl McAlister, Ronan Nolan
I'd love to see these two interacting because it's actually very sweet. Darryl is a wonderful little ball of sunshine and Ronan being the protective older brother is hilarious so I would so love more.
Some ideas:
1) How did these two get to know one another?
2) What did they do in AWOM after Irina grounded them to Earth?
3) What kind of thing are either of them the answer for?

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