May. 14th, 2015

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Thanks to whoever altered their nomination for In the Mother's Land. Your canon and its accompanying characters have been approved.

Of course, the nomination process is not over, so there are still some nominations that prove tricky. To wit:

Ilium/Olympos—Dan Simmons—Odysseus: The tag Odysseus is not currently associated with this series. I can create an association between the two if you like, but if I do that, then anyone who clicks on that tag or uses it in a search will find Ilium/Olympos fic lumped in with stories based on Greek and Roman mythology and Song of Achilles fanfic. If that's not what you want to happen, then you'll probably want to edit the character nomination so it reads Odysseus (Ilium/Olympos).

The Fortress of the Pearl—Michael Moorcock: It may be more expedient to change the title of the nominated canon to The Elric Saga, since that category already exists on AO3. (Yes, there are only two stories under that canon, but it's still there.) Creating a new category for The Fortress of the Pearl would be redundant.

Good Omens—Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett—Crowley: As mentioned earlier, this character has already been nominated as Crowley (Good Omens), and the tag Crowley by itself is mostly attached to Supernatural fanfic. You can substitute a different character while there's still time, or, if you prefer, I'll just go ahead and reject the nomination.

So far, those are all the troublesome nominations. Once again, the deadline is the sixteenth at midnight. Keep on submitting while you can!
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Hello again. I've approved some more nominations since my last post, and I thank those who made the changes as well as those who nominated more characters and canons. However, there are two new character nominations that seem to need clarifying:

The Machine Dynasty—Madeline Ashby—Amy Peterson and The Machine Dynasty—Madeline Ashby—Javier: For some reason, the former tag is attached to fics for the 2011 movie Fright Night, and the latter occurs on fics for a variety of canons, including Forever Knight, Monsters University, and Baseball RPF. Creating associations for these characters will cause the same problem as creating an association between Odysseus and Ilium/Olympos: people would click on the character tags and find fic completely unrelated to what they were seeking. You may want to change these nominations to "Amy Petersen (Machine Dynasty)" and "Javier (Machine Dynasty)."

Meanwhile, the Crowley tag is not going to be approved twice, but you can still change your nomination.

Thanks to everyone who's participated so far.


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